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Introduction to Site

Like most of you, I have played a variety of sports simulations, both board game and on computer.  Over the last 14 years, I returned to my board game roots because board games involve me in the season I am replaying in a way that computer games just don't. I spend the vast majority of my time with Replay Baseball, but I also dabble with Hockey Blast and Second Season Football. This Website will house my replay results and some other stuff of interest to like-minded folks and also some stuff of interest to no one at all. Welcome.

The picture to the right was taken at the 2014 Replay Retreat in Pittsburgh. I am on the left and my good friend Ringo is my opponent.

My Completed Replays and the Current Project

The following Replays are complete. They were all done using the Replay Baseball board game. For each one, there is a link to the Delphiforum string where I posted day-by-day game stories and a complete standings and stats report in PDF format, including league leader boards, team stats, and individual stats.
1908 Major League Baseball
1908 Game Stories   1908 Final Stats and Standings
1923 Negro National League
1923 NNL Game Reports   1923 NNL Final Stats and Standings
1930 Major League Baseball
1941 Major League Baseball
1952 Major League Baseball
1952 Game Stories 1952 Final Stats and Standings  
1956 Major League Baseball
1956 Game Stories 1956 Final Stats and Standings  
1957 Major League Baseball
1960 Major League Baseball
1960 Game Stories 1960 Final Stats and Standings  
1966 Major League Baseball
1966 Game Stories 1966 Final Stats and Standings  
1967 Major League Baseball
1967 Game Stories   1967 Final Stats and Standings  
1972 Major League Baseball 
1972 Game Stories 1972 Final Stats and Standings
1975 Major League Baseball
1975 Game Stories 1975 Final Stats and Standings  
1978 Major League Baseball
1978 Game Stories   1978 Final Stats and Standings
1979 Major League Baseball
1979 Game Stories 1979 Final Stats and Standings
1968 Major League Baseball
This one is just underway.

Links to Some Favorite Sites

My Replay Baseball Encyclopedia

At the end of each season Replay, I publish an encyclopedia that includes all the records from my projects. There is a section of season-by-season recaps in the style of the old Neft and Cohen "Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball". There is a section of leaderboards, both single season records and "career" leaders. Lastly, the bulk of the book contains each player's season-by-season stats in the format of Total Baseball or the old MacMillan Encyclopedias. This whole thing is silly because the records only reflect the odd lot of seasons I have chosen to play, but I get a kick out of knowing that Hank Aaron's next home run in one of my projects will be the 236th I have rolled for him.

You can peruse or grab your own copy here.


Stuff About Me

I have lived in Oak Ridge, TN (near Knoxville) since 1995 after spending the first 35 years of my life in southeastern Pennsylvania. I have a wife and two cats. In addition to spending a lot of time on sports simulation board games, I also captain the Dirty Rats in a rec ice hockey league.

Teams I pull for in various sports:

Baseball- Oakland A’s

NHL- Nashville Predators

College Football- Southern Cal and Penn

Premier League Skybet Championship- Swansea City